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This page is an effort to gather the best information possible on the vast number of new dog toys that are constantly appearing online and in retail stores.

If you are familiar with the dog toy shown below, your feedback would be appreciated. The feedback we receive from our audience is combined with our own research and used to write a review which then appears on our Toy Reviews page.

The type of information that is useful would include where it was purchased and the reason. Does the product meet your expectations based on its claims? Most importantly, does your dog have a positive response to the toy?


Current toy

current toy

The Bentoball


The Bentoball is one of several new types of treat loaded chew toys that have come on the market in the past few years. They are a chew toy that combines a hard plastic/nylon component with a hard digestible insert that is meant to be consumed and then replaced. The packaging for the toy claims the toy provides hours of interactive chewing, that it is great for dental hygiene, that it provides mental stimulation and helps prevent destructive boredom behaviors.

The Bentoball is available in Large, Medium and Small sizes. The refills for each size are also available and come in a variety of flavors including chicken and bacon.

If you have direct personal experience with this toy or want to order one and test it out, we would very much like to hear from you. Be sure to describe which direction you placed the treat insert as they can be oriented two ways.

Does the current toy fulfil its claims?

Use the form below to provide your feedback. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you. By responding, we create a consensus rather than a single opinion. Therefore, we are able to more thoroughly review a toy and provide the best possible information for our readers. Each survey remains open for comment until a sufficient number of responses have been received. The number will vary depending how similar or disimilar the views we receive.

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