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The durable KONG

The KONG toy has been on the market since 1976. Its design is simple, functional and durable. Its composition is made of a hard vulcanized rubber that will withstand even the toughest chewers. The KONG is hollow with an opening at each end which makes it ideally suited for stuffing with treats. Multiple openings also provides a safety feature in the event a smaller dog were to get a hold of a larger KONG and get their nose stuck inside the opening.

The KONG is available in a range of sizes to fit any dog from the smallest chihuahua to the largest mastif. Sizing starts at XS and goes up to XXL. Its also possible to choose the right durability depending on your dog's chewing style. KONG includes a line of smaller, colorful KONG Puppy toys that are made of a softer rubber and designed with puppies in mind. The Senior KONG toys are also made of a softer rubber for the older chewers. The KONG Classic are bright red and available in all sizes and are intended for most normal chewers. For the most aggressive chewers go with the KONG Extreme, its black, comes in all sizes and is composed of their most durable rubber.


KONG toys

The KONG toy comes in a variety of sizes and durabilities


A toy that has withstood the test of time

So the relevant question is whether dogs like the KONG toy. It is made of rubber and when thrown it has an erratic bounce. There are a few dogs out there that enjoy this type of play even when self initiated. Some dogs may chew on a KONG toy like many other rubber and plastic chew bones, but most won't. Without nubs and other surface irregularities to get a bite on, the smooth surface does not invite chewing. The real power of the KONG comes into play when its stuffed with goodies. This is unquestionably the biggest strength of the classic KONG and why it has remained a popular go-to toy in most every dog household.

If your KONG is well matched to the size of your dog, the opening at the bottom is just big enough for them to get their tongue inside. Too large and they'll clean out the treats in short order and if too small they'll give up frustrated. Just right and you'll be able to pack the KONG with kibble or some other treat paste that keeps them busy for awhile. To get an idea of what types of treats to fill a KONG with, see the page on stuffing recipes.


The Classic KONG is the go-to toy for treat stuffing