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Our audience includes a diverse cross section of both new and experienced dog owners

If you manufacture or distribute dog toys of any kind and would like to expand your exposure through our website, we have the ideal audience for you.

At Boneyard Dog Toys our viewers are passionate about dogs. They are family.

Our focus is providing our readers with useful information about dog toys and accessories and how they can enrich the lives of their beloved dog friends. Therefore, we make a point of not flooding the pages with advertising. For this reason we are currently making available a limited number of 250 x 250 ad slots in the right hand column.

For the launch of this new website, the special pricing for this ad space is US$50 per month.

As our pageviews increase, our rate will be adjusted.

If you're interested in reaching our readers through an advertisement on Boneyard Dog Toys, please contact us by completing the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as we have your information.

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Advertise on Boneyard Dog Toys





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